2020 Impact Report

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This year, the Coalition served its mission to convene, collaborate and amplify
social and civic efforts towards an equitable and representative America.

The Coalition empowers the voices of marginalized and often invisible communities.

Check out a message from our co-founders...

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Where We Are

Illinois has some of the most vibrant, complex, and complicated communities across the nation.

There are 102 counties across the state.
The Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition works to have a presence with partners, allies, and influencers in key counties with residents who identify as Muslim, South Asian, Arab, African Immigrant, Latino, and African American

  1. Cook County
  2. DuPage County
  3. Will County
  4. Lake County
  5. Champaign County
  6. Peoria County
  7. Sangamon County
  8. Winnebago County
  9. Kane County
  10. McHenry County
  11. Macon County
  12. Ogle County

We are growing to more counties

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Initiatives Overview

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The Coalition organizes its Civic Justice efforts into six initiatives.




calls made

Jobs Funded


Budget for 6 Initiatives: $400,000





Illinois Muslims Report


PhoneBanking to reach residents: 153,557+

Nationally Acclaimed
Census Outreach


Outreach Events
Live and Online

Bills on the way to
Becoming LAws
Never Done Before by an
Illinois Muslim Organization!


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Digital REach: 850,000

Who we are

National Partners

MPower Change
Muslim Caucus of America
American Pakistan Foundation
America Indivisible
Emgage Action
American Muslim Health Professionals
Utah Muslim Civic League
Celebrate Mercy
Million Muslim Votes
Movement Voter Project
Amana Mutual Funds


Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Africa Global Chamber of Commerce
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus
Cook County Census 2020
Census 2020
Illinois Indivisible
Illinois Count Me In 2020
Women's March Chicago
Rainbow Push Coalition
DuPage Federation for Human Services Reform
Indo-American Democratic Organization
Change Illinois
City of Springfield
Forefront Chicago Community Trust Crossroads fund
Field foundation
Proteus fund
Movement Voter Project
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Leadership Development Exchange
Bank of America

Social/civic Partners

CAIR Chicago
Suzy's Place
Mohammed Webb Foundation
Arab American Family Services
Apna Ghar
MIST Chicago
American Islamic College
Rohingya Cultural Center
ICNA Relief
Syrian Community Network
Northern Illinois American Muslim Alliance
Hip Hop Detoxx
Indo-American Center
MCC Academy
IMAN Central
Chicago Muslims Green Team
Project Taqwa
Khalil Center
Heartspeak Institute
Ta'leef Collective
Open Chicago

Mosques/Faith centers

Islamic Center of Naperville
Masjid Al Farooq
Masjid Al-Taqwa
Azhar Islamic Foundation
Islamic Society of Greater Springfield
Muslim Community Center
The Mecca Center
Islamic Society of Midwest

community businesses

Admark Digital
Anmol Restaurant
Studio Elite
R&R Event Management
Affinity Health
Pita Inn
Usmania Fine Dining
EPIC Home Healthcare
Truffle Pos

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Initiative 1: Advocacy & Policy

Over the last year the Coalition's Advocacy and Policy Team has worked to influence state legislation through a powerful, effective, process:

1. Identify issues

2. Write Legislation

3. Introduce bills to legislators

We've got 4 Bills on their way to becoming IL Laws- never been done before by our Muslim community!

Hover over each bill to find more information about the bills we've sponsored

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Initiative 2: Voter Engagement




calls made


homes canvassed


Voter Engagement
Jobs Created

Our Events

Volunteer testimonials

Abed Alsolaiman, Voter Engagement Volunteer

Aisha Mujahid, Voter Engagement Volunteer

Our Ask of You Today

  1. Help us with getting the vote out in Georgia
  2. Next elections April 2021 - Volunteer Form
  3. Running for office or thinking about it? Candidate intake form - we want you on our website

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Initiative 3: Census

Census Stories Campaign

"My grandparents came to Chicago from the South during the Great Migration. My ancestors built this country, but as slaves, they were counted as 3/5 of a person. I am a whole person- and I pledge to count on the Census 2020."


"As an immigrant Latino Muslim, the Islamophobes don't want me to have a voice because I'm Muslim, the racists because I'm Latino, and the xenophobes because I'm an immigrant. It is precisely because I'm being silenced that I must speak up."


"Young families should have a voice in how our communities are funded and represented. This is our first census as a married couple, and we are excited to make our household count!"

Deena & Walid

Our impact


residents reached via phone calls


residents reached via email


residents reached via social media


residents reached via webinars

residents reached via live events


Census jobs created


Our Events

See what community organizations have to say about our Census Campaign

ICNA Relief partnering with the Coalition on a back to school drive and getting vulnerable communities counted and represented

The Coalition works closely with the Rohingya Cultural Center to get the Rohingyan community counted and represented

Looking ahead to 2021

Help us prepare for having an influence on redistricting. Sign up to volunteer here.

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Initiative 4: Engage & Impact with Public Officials

Over the last year the Coalition's Engage & Impact team has held regular briefings or relationships with over 50 federal, state, and local elected leaders. We have also helped identify or appoint American Muslims for over 17 Boards and Commissions in 2019-2020.

See the relationships we've built through our Engage & Impact Initiative

U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth

Cook County Commissioner Dona Miller

Congresswoman-elect Marie Newman

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

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Initiative 5: Civic Leadership

The Coalition is seeking to form leaders from our community through a series of workshops and a Civic and Political Leaders Fellowship with various modules including:

Telling Our Story

The Geographic Area, Community,
Numbers For Win

Team. Team, Team


Operations and Communications,
Structures and Systems

Bringing it All Together

With this initiative, we hope to have curated multiple political candidates and civic leaders from our community.
Learn more about the fellowship here

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Initiative 6: Illinois Muslims Report

The IL Muslim Civic Coalition, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), and the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois, Chicago seek to partner with key sponsors and grantors to develop a much-needed, evidence-based needs assessment of a diverse community that is often invisible, little understood or studied, and inaccurately portrayed in the public square.

"We need an evidence-based approach to assure we are targeting the right issues and in the best way. That’s why I’m so excited to be working with the IL Muslim Civic Coalition on a needs assessment of the Muslim community in Illinois. With this study, we will bring the community a much-needed “physical” pinpointing our strengths as well as our pain points so we can work to grow together."

Dalia Mogahed
Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding
Co-Principal Investigator, Illinois Muslims Report

"I am so excited to be a part of the team producing the Illinois Muslims Report, which will be a first of its kind for Illinois. Civic engagement efforts need to be informed by high quality research and the report will help provide a clear snapshot that can serve as a foundation for dialogue and action on the issues most important to the Muslim community in Illinois."

Dr. Joe Hoereth
Director University of Illinois at Chicago Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement
Co-Principal Investigator, Illinois Muslims Report

How will this report benefit the following societal roles? Click on each role to find out

Find out more about the Illinois Muslims Report

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Who does all this?

We are proud of our collective impact and humbled to do this work with amazing partners and allies.

Our Team

Reema Kamran
Executive Director | Co-Founder

Dr. Dilara Sayeed
President | Co-Founder

Deena Habbal
Operations Fellow

Yaasha Abraham
Partnerships Fellow

Zahir Quader
‍‍Operations Intern

Team Advocacy & Policy

Maaria Mozaffar Esq.
Advocacy & Policy Director

Anam Haque Esq.
Advocacy & Policy Fellow

Nia Odeoti-Hassan
Advocacy & Policy Advisor

Michael Nasir Blackwell
‍‍Advocacy & Policy Advisor

Aaron Siebert-Lllera Esq.
Advocacy & Policy Advisor

Anthony Simpkins Esq.
Advocacy & Policy Advisor

Hanin Rabee
Advocacy & Policy Intern

Team Voter Engagement

Aliya Husain
Voter Education Director

Yusuf Vidal
‍‍Voter Organizing Director

Chris Nevarez
‍‍Voter Engagement Fellow

Abed Alsolaiman
Voter Engagement Fellow

Mariya Mujahid
Voter Engagement Fellow

Team Census

Walid Sankari
‍‍Census Coordinator

Fatima Siddiqui
‍‍‍Census Fellow

Amir Felton
‍‍‍Census Fellow

Team Development

Grace Chan McKibben
‍‍‍Development Consultant

Nalani McClendon
Development Consultant

Rose Olea
‍‍Development Consultant

Team Communications

Gabriel Piemonte
‍‍‍Communications Consultant

Essam Choudhary
‍‍Internal Communications Coordinator

Adil Khadri
‍‍‍Design Fellow

Board of Directors

Arshia Ali-Khan
Board Member | Development

Randal Muhammad
Board Member | Treasurer

Mazen Ashbahi
Board Member | Legal Counsel

Mehrdad Azemun
Board Member | Coalition-Activate Endorsement Team

Mohammed Kamran
Board Member

Aiman Beg
‍‍‍Board Member

Farah Siddiqui
‍‍‍‍Board Member

Aisha Ghori-Ozaki
‍‍‍‍‍Board Member

Driss El-Alrich
‍‍‍Board Member

Next Gen Board

Ziyad Dadhaboy
Next Gen Board Member

Imaan Ahmed
Next Gen Board Member

Dina Abdalla
Next Gen Board Member

Abdullah Alzamli
Next Gen Board Member

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